Trembling Acoustic Sessions

Tapping my left foot

to the trembling acoustic sessions

Pouring out my sliced up heart

to a blind mannequin from Florida

Ignoring the gauze wrapped tight

around my twitching fingers

Manipulating the longwinded view

of the moment she packed her

things in a thousand dollar suitcase

to leave me empty bottles and

stains on the lavender sheets

Bartender, bartender pour me a shot

please fill up my glass of half empty truths

Tell me the melody won’t stop playing

in my spinning and rambling head

Paint me a picture of a crystal clear moon

Preach to the fire hydrants

the rain will put out the crying flames

Send me photographs of the future

with a bouquet of blossoming dreams

Write me a love letter without the

scent of scotch on the envelope

Tell me the six strings will reverberate

in my sea of liquid sorrow


Sebastian Cage

Blade like teeth sparkle

Drooling a sinister circus

Vomiting chunks of truth

After inhaling gobs of deceit

Staring at shattered mirrors

stepping into chards of identity

Cutting into a split personality

A minor loss of hearing

Slick black Dracula like hair

Hanging his spirit like a bat

in a tortuous dying cave

As he plays a lullaby backwards

Hands quickly shrivel

Silent eyebrows howl

Character is a slow death

Broken Record 

How many times

must I repeat myself?

You claim to listen

But you just hear

You are lost in touch

Forgot the beginning

Along the way

Your true color appeared

in front of me

We’ve come this far

I have an option

that never entered

your simple mind

We aren’t going to

to throw away the

broken record

I will toss the record

player all by myself

so you can play it

somewhere else

Beauty of Reflection

Love your wounds

Love your beloved shine

Love your stunning beauty

Love your angelic smile

Love your tender spirit

Love your lost soul

Love your endearing glow

Love your deep scars

Love your vibrant class

Love your intelligence

Love your shape

Love your magnificent truth

Love your elegance

Love your fallen tears

Love your curiosity

Love your complexity

Love your drive

Love your amazing identity

Eulogy of Forgiveness

Forgive me if I speak the colors of truth
Forgive me if I stare into the painted sunset
Forgive me if I stand to close to the walls
Forgive me if I walk alone on the trails
Forgive me if I view myself as a whirlwind
Forgive me if I ramble in my head
Forgive me if I notice you don’t care
Forgive me if I see nothing in my future
Forgive me if I bottle up what you can’t see
Forgive me if I vent my frustrations to myself
Forgive me if I tell myself it will all be ok
Forgive me if I just keep to myself
Forgive me if I die and no one is at my funeral

Suicide’s Wrath 

Below the forbidden


Your venomous instincts

blink in your ferocious eyes

Naturally unfeeling

Detecting your malevolent

and atrocious voice

Watching you evolve

becoming a degenerate

Casting judgements

As if you were a bronze standard

inhaling your charcoal and

sipping on toxic sauce

Hallucinations of blood

dripping from your pale neck

As you lay frozen in blue

Self destruction was

your rotten charm

leaving a innocent child behind

As I carry the weight

on my broad shoulders

My sensitivity turns into stone

watching the bricks stack

Your funeral lurks in

the shadows of my mind

Infuriated with the outcome

Do I Care Enough..(Braeden’s Writing Challenge) 

Should I care enough

to acknowledge your existence

Do I care enough

to reply back to your nonsense

Should I care enough

to slap that grin off your devious face

Do I care enough

to raise my palm toward an empty man

Should I care enough

to not leave you penniless

Do I care enough

to take you to court

Should I care enough

to walk away from you

Do I care enough

about myself to make a decision

Should I care enough

about myself to leave you

*Marie had asked me to use this title for a poem.


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