Emily Castro

Saccharine eyes Calm in the palms Quite dashing Strong demeanor Highly regarded Slightly idolized A stellar prize Killer looks Calling me darling Twinkling intellect Perception at 18 Dreamed of this man Settled for 3 decent qualities What happened Starting over


Tongue Lashing Sessions

Exacerbated teeth Displeased tone Fiercely antagonized Resentful up to the neck Offensive esophagus Twitching irrationally Ill tempered and fuming Provoked by repetition Inflamed and irritated Constantly harping Strapped in defense Whiplashing an offense Sore and wrathful Frozen solid to the center A fistful of anger Disrespectful and disregarded Mouthful of harsh words A storming outburst … Continue reading Tongue Lashing Sessions

Unvalued Penny

I feel worthless No shine Others are silver I’m made up of copper Very little value Laying in cars Sleeping on nightstands A hundred of me complete a dollar Often hear “Keep it” when change is created I’m not wanted or valued I feel worthless One cent says it all Check out my books!

Voiceless Ghost 

Everlasting champagne skies Dying cold waterfalls Vivid colors of translucent dreams Walking miracles laugh ~ Deep radiant horizons glare Sunrises aching for shade Fences surrounding fears Trees covering the empty shadows ~ Lost joys of sipping wine Sweethearts divide by words Lovebirds fly away from each other Flashbacks of butterflies singing ~ Memories of hands … Continue reading Voiceless Ghost